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Student Council: Westfield’s Student Council is a selective group of students from each grade who become centrally involved in the activities of the school by working with fellow students and teachers to help share the ideas, interests, and concerns that students have. Student Council also assists with fundraising for social events, community projects, and school reform. Becoming a member of Student Council enables students to be involved in many important decision making processes that take place, such as spirit days, dance themes, after school activities, and much more, as well as the opportunity to take part in special member only school functions. Westfield’s Student Council meets on Wednesday mornings in the art room so feel free to show up on only of our bi-weekly meetings. Check out the Westfield Student Council Website at:

Foodies: Westfield’s Foodies Club is a new cooking club designed for students to practice necessary life skills in the kitchen and experiment with the process of cooking and tasting different foods. Students involved in the Foodies club will also learn how to read recipes, gather ingredients and tweak their tasting palettes! Becoming a Westfield Foodie means that you will not only discover the joys of food and cooking, but also the importance of team work and following instructions! Westfield’s Foodies Club will meets once a week after school in the art room with Mrs. Matt Students can join at anytime so stop by the art room if you are interested in becoming a Westfield Foodie!

Cultural Arts Club: Cultural Art Club is an after school club where students are encouraged to express their creative sides through engaging in critical thinking activities that help instill qualities of creativity, self-expression, and communication. This club also facilitates for new and unique friendships to develop among grade levels while the students are discovering and promoting cultural awareness through the arts. Members of this club participate in movie nights, art activities, holiday feasts, and even after school field trips. Cultural Arts Club meets once a week after school in the art room with Mrs. Matt; meeting days rotate in the order to meet as many students’ needs as possible. Students can join at anytime so stop by the art room if you are interested in sharing and supporting our culture!

Club Hype: Westfield’s Club Hype is a new club created for students who want to get a scoop of the action by being active and engaged in the various things that interest middle schoolers. Becoming a member of this club lets you join other students in playing popular board games, watching movies, cooking feasts, playing group sports, creating crafts, homework help, and even some after school field trips. All in all, Club Hype is a club designed for students to have fun and express their unique middle school personalities in a safe and open environment. Club Hype meets every Thursday after school in the art room with Mrs. Denning and Mrs. Matt. Drop into the art room to become part of the Hype!

Lego Club: Westfield’s Lego Club is made up of Legos, Legos and more Legos! We have hundreds of Lego figures, animals, houses, gears, sensors, motors, etc. If you like to build things, make things move on their own, or make stop animation movies, and love Legos, come join in on the problem solving, team building and fun we have. Lego Club meets once a week on every Monday after school in the art room with Mrs. Matt. New members are always welcome so drop into the art room to see what we are creating!