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Students in E.A.T. created mirror like landscapes using watercolors and ink. Students first created a rainbow watercolor painting to act as sky and water. Later students added black ink to mimic a land formation and then took a straw to ‘blow’ ink that ended up looking like trees against the sky.

Students in E.A.T. created


Students in E.A.T. created

Students in E.A.T. decided to create mini ‘bell’ chicks to celebrate the 6th grade Chicks Unit in Science.

Students in E.A.T. created

Taught Rotation 3: March 19th 2014

Every year students step up to help the Greater Chicago Ferret Association by making their goodie bags for their Annual WoozleFest event.

Taught Rotation 3: March 11th 2014, Taught Rotation 3: March 15th 2012, Taught Rotation 3: March 24th 2011

We finally our nearly 7ft x 8ft Starry Night Bottle Cap Mural! Thank you to everyone for saving caps this year; you definitely helped contribute to our great success. If you want to see the begging stages of the mural, view this post:

Students in E.A.T. have been collecting bottle caps all year in order to make an artsy mural. After sorting the variety of colored caps collected, they decided to create their their own Starry Night Mural for our library. Just recently they start gluing the caps and it is looking super colorful. If you have more caps to donate, please drop them off in the art room as we will make sure to find a use for them!