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Help Bring a Winter Wonderland to Students and Staff at Sandy Hook Elementary

School children around the world are helping bring winter warmth and fun to students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after the violent tragedy that took place there last week.

When students from Sandy Hook return to school in January, they will be housed in a previously closed middle school in a nearby town. The Connecticut PTSA wants to transform the building into a Winter Wonderland to make the children feel loved and welcomed.

You can help by having the students in your class (or school) make hand-cut snowflakes that will be used to decorate the building and shower the children in beauty and love. Thousands of snowflakes have already been sent from across the U.S. and around the world.

Bring joy to kids at Sandy Hook and teach students a valuable lesson about compassion and giving by creating and sending snowflakes today.

Westfield Middle School’s very own ‘Cake Challenge for Charity’ Results

The Cake Raffle was held during Westfield Portfolio Night on May 3rd 2012 and in less than 1 hour, we raised $500.00 for the Bloomingdale Township Food Pantry!


To see Individual Photos of the 54 cakes entered into the Challenge, visit 

To see the Cake Challenge for Charity Event and Raffle Photos, visit

For more information about the Cake Challenge for Charity, visit


cOn Monday April 16th 2014, local visiting artist and Westfield alumni Alicia Eisenmann, proud owner of Delish Cakes in Old Town Bloomingdale, demonstrated to students and staff how she creates beautiful, as well as delicious, cakes that look like works of art themselves.

Students, staff and community members then registered to join Westfield’s own Cake challenge for Charity by creating their own cake to be raffled off at Portfolio night with all proceeds going to the Bloomingdale Township’s Food Pantry.

Everyone who participated in baking and decorating a cake for the Challenge received 1 free raffle ticket to try and win whatever cake they wish from the cake raffle. Additional raffle tickets were sold for anyone who wanted to win a cake. Tickets were $1 each or 6 for $5 or 13 for $10.

All of the 54 cakes entered into the Cake Challenge were raffled off during Portfolio Night, May 3rd 2012 at 7:00pm just prior to the start of the Honors Award Assembly. With all of the Raffle tickets sold, we raised over $500.00 for the Bloomingdale Township’s Food Pantry.

Based on all of the cake creations entered into the Cake Challenge for Charity, there was 1 Cake Challenge Student winner and a Cake Challenge Teacher winner who each received a Delish Cakes gift card from Alicia Eisenmann, our visiting cake artist and proud owner of Delish Cakes in Old Town Bloomingdale. The student winner was 7th Grader Justin Cattichio and the Teacher Winner was Mrs. Edwards. For more information about Delish Cakes, visit their website at   

A huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone who made this event such a great success – we could not have do it without the support of everyone who participated and showed support at the raffle!


January 25, 2012, One Million Bones posted this on their Facebook Page “These are some of the bones that Deyana Matt and her Westfield Middle School students made for the Students Rebuild challenge. We laid them out on a table in front of our window, and boy, do they get people’s attention. Thanks Team Piece by Piece!”

See the post on Facebook here:

Art students at Westfield Middle School are partaking in a challenge and taking a collective stand against the many ongoing humanitarian crises. How so? Please watch this video for a better understanding:

Students Rebuild is an organization that publishes a call to action for junior high and high school students around the globe by mobilizing them to connect, learn and take action on critical global issues. This year they have teamed up with One Million Bones, a campaign to cover the National Mall in Washington, DC with 1,000,000 handmade bones in honor of lives lost and in solidarity with those who have survived mass conflict.

So what is the challenge that Westfield is partaking in? Students Rebuild’s ‘Humaniatiran Crises: A Path Forward’; an effort for students to assist in the One Million Bones campaign. This new unique student bone making challenge is a social arts practice that uses education and hands-on art making to provide discussions of genocide and intolerance, as well as art activism. Subsequently, students partaking in the challenge will become part of a larger community of artists and activists from around the world via their own handmade bones.

View all of the students’ bone creations on Artsonia at:

In addition for students to have the chance to connect and be part of something big, for every 100,000 handmade bones and 20,000 images of handmade bones contributed to Students Rebuild’s ‘Humaniatiran Crises: A Path Forward’, $100,000 will be donated to CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Therefore they are raise funds without actually fundraising!

All in all, Westfield is glad to be a part of the path forward and hopes you support us in our efforts to participate with Students Rebuild. For more information on the challenge, visit

For the fifth year in a row, Westfield students participated in International Peace Day with “Pinwheels for Peace” by creating pinwheels that represented their beliefs about Peace and the Pillars of Character. On Wednesday September 21st, Ms. Matt’s 6th grade Art class “planted” all of the pinwheels outside Westfield in the shape of a three Peace signs; one for each grade level. This beautiful display of pinwheels made a public visual statement about the desire for a freedom from conflict or disagreement among people or groups of people.

View photos of some Pinwheels and the outdoor installation of the Pinwheels on Artsonia at:



For more information and pictures, please visit

Make Paper Cranes, Rebuild Communities

On Friday, March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake struck Sendai, Japan, resulting in a devastating tsunami that ravaged the coast just 180 miles from Tokyo. In response, Students Rebuild partnered with” to ensure students worldwide have a way to support their Japanese peers – making paper cranes to rebuild communities. Considering such 6th and 7th grade students created various colored paper cranes. These simple yet powerful gestures will help trigger a $200,000 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation – $2 for each crane received – to Architecture for Humanity’s reconstruction efforts in Japan. Once the goal of 100,000 submissions is reached, the cranes will be woven into an art installation – a symbolic gift from students around the globe to Japanese youth.