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6th Grade students discussed the primary, secondary and tertiary colors in order to figure out what colors belong on a color wheels. Student then used home made frosting, Kool Aid flavoring, food die and animal crackers to experiment making an edible color wheel for their table to taste.

View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: March 24th 2015, Taught Rotation 2: January 15th 2015, Taught Rotation 1: October 21st 2014, Taught Rotation 4: May 27th 2014, Taught Rotation 3: March 21st 2014, Taught Rotation 2: January 10th 2014, Taught Rotation 1: October 16th 2013, Taught Rotation 3: March 22nd 2013, Taught Rotation 2: January 10th 2013, Taught Rotation 1: October 10th 2012, Taught Rotation 4: May 25th 2012, Taught Rotation 3: April 1st 2012, Taught Rotation 2: January 9th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: October 14th 2011, Taught Rotation 5: May 19th 2011, Taught Rotation 4: March 21st 2011, Taught Rotation 3: February 8th 2011,  Taught Rotation 2: November 29th 2010, Rotation 1: October 7th 2010.

s6th Grade Students created stories to go along with their Scream Parody Paintings. Here are the steps they took to do so:

1. Create a Google Document in this Scream Stories folder and title your document “Scream Story” and have your name in the title too.

2.Next write a story that is fictional or nonfictional, about why you are screaming in your Scream Painting. Be creative!!!!

3. Copy this link to upload your story. Enter this Access Code when prompted to do so: CDMP-WRTP-TWCC

4. When you see your Scream Painting, click ‘Enter Statement’. Then approve it is you by clicking: ‘Yes that’s me’.

5. Lastly, enter in your story and press ‘Submit to Teacher’ when you are finished.

6. Your story will now appear on your Artsonia page under your Scream Painting Parody!

DH photos6th grade students studied famous dog artist William Wegman by watching of his videos as well as reading some of his books. Students then created their own William Wegman Parodies using printed images of dogs doing human actions.

View all of these students’ barking creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: February 25th 2015, Taught Rotation 2: November 12th 2014, Taught Rotation 1: August 17th 2014, Taught Rotation 4: March 27th 2014, Taught Rotation 3: January 15th 2014, Taught Rotation 2: November 15th 2013, Taught Rotation 1: September 23th 2013

6th grade students studied artist Jim Dine ( and created their own artistic hearts using oils pastels and paint. View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: January 23rd  2015, Taught Rotation 3: January 14th 2014, Taught Rotation 4: February 9th 2011

Bloomingdale School District is looking to send out creative Holiday Cards to local businesses and schools but they need your help! Dr. Bartelt, our Superintendent, would like a student to design the cover of the holiday card using a ‘Seasonal’ theme, i.e. images you could see during the month of December and January. Please keep in mind that people celebrate different holidays during the months of December and January so you do not want to limit your imagery to only one holiday; try to include images that appeal to everyone and be creative with what you choose! Moreover, how you decided to ‘color’ your design is up to you. You may use Markers, Colored Pencils, Pastels, Watercolors, Acrylic Paints, or any other creative material you wish to use. Remember to follow the art classroom ‘Rules’ which are Bold Colors, Black Outlines and No Unintentional White Space!

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To see the final winning entries from all of the District 13 schools, please click here

Taught Rotation 2: November 4th 2014, Taught Rotation 2: October 23rd 2013, Taught Rotation 1: September 30th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: November 1st 2012, Taught Rotation 2: October 25th 2011, Taught Rotation 2: October 10th 2010

6th Grade students ‘Built themselves Wild’ by using the website This is a fun website where students can create a digital human and add animal characteristics and even put themselves in an animal habitat. Once finished, students find out interesting facts about their creative animalistic character.

View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: May 23rd 2014, Taught Rotation 3: March 17th 2014, Taught Rotation 2: January 17th 2014, Taught Rotation 1: September 3rd 2013, Taught Rotation 4: April 29th 2013, Taught Rotation 3: March 14th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 8 2012, Taught Rotation 1: October 11th 2012, Taught Rotation 4: May 8th 2012, Taught Rotation 2: December 2nd 2011, Taught Rotation 1: October 5th 2011, Taught Rotation 5: May 24th 2011, Taught Rotation 4: March 23rd 2011, Rotation 3: January 4th 2010

6th grade students viewed a powerpoint regarding merged animals created with Adobe’s Photoshop. From here, students combined three animals in order to create their own original endangered animal. Students then created a poster for individuals to learn more about their endangered animal and what individuals could do to help save their animal and it’s habitat.

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Taught Rotation 4: May 12th 2014, Taught Rotation 3: March 10th 2014, Taught Rotation 2: December 16th 2013, Taught Rotation 1: September 4th 2013, Taught Rotation 4: April 19th 2012, Taught Rotation 3: February 23rd 2012, Taught Rotation 2: November 20th 2011, Taught Rotation 1: September 28th 2011

6th, 7th and 8th grade students are working on Westfield Phone Book covers as every year someone’s design gets selected by the STP for the yearly Student Phone Books.  View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

6th grade students studied various wire sculptors and then partnered up to create their own wire art. The subject of their work had to include one word, image and a frame!

View of the students artistic wire art on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: May 14th 2013, Taught Rotation 3: February 14th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 4th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: September 26th 2012.

6th grade students studied art Piet Mondrian ( and his grid like works of art using primary colors plus black and white. Students modernized this project by selecting a theme to base their own Mondrain work of art off of and then used Google to search for imagery relating to their theme. Students then combined their photo in a gird like manner with the addition of black lines a midst primary color blocks.

View all of the students’ modernized creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: May 1st 2013,  Taught Rotation 3: February 25th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 11th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: October 2nd 2012