Foremost, I am interested in art and I have a passion for all that is artistic. My artistic concentration is primarily drawing, but I also pursue other areas, such as painting, printmaking, illustration, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and film. I deem myself to be an artwork that will continue to be in progress throughout my life. What I have learned from art is that there is never an end, only a time of temporary satisfaction. As an art educator, I plan to be a work of art that is enhanced every time I step into a classroom. I have always had a passion for art as well as a passion for education and philosophy; hence, it is my decision to educate those of the future about art!

My Philosophy: Individuals can communicate in many ways other than just through verbal language, and art is the language I have chosen for communication with others is vital to our functioning and to our forming relationships with others. Many individuals struggle to find alternate means of communication, and one of those ways is through art, which is often an exhilarating discovery. Consequently, art serves as communication for the improvement of social relationships through enabling people to express themselves to the world as they know it. The possibility of bringing out the artist in young people excites me, for I know that it can open them to new and perhaps undiscovered avenues of communication.