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A While I came across Illustrator Dave DeVries Monster Enginewho started a project with one simple question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? From there he developed the Monster Engine which is fostered around the curiosity of seeing youth drawings come to life. To learn more about Dave DeVries Monster Engine, visit:

To bring this concept into the classroom, 8th grade Art students at Westfield Middle school teamed up with the 2nd graders at DuJardin Elementary students to develop collaborative Monsters. The elementary students were given a Monster worksheet where they were to answer general questions about their monsters, i.e. how many eyes does it have, where does it live, etc., and create a mini sketch. The 8th grade students then took this information to create a monstrous work of art based on the 2nd graders information. Students then Skype together as well as write a story about the monsters! Students also watched this video to help with their creations:

You can view all of the 8th Grade students’ Monster creations on the Westfield Artsonia Page. Monster Portraits link: (, Plush Monsters Link: ( and the Monster Packages Link (

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