Students studied artist Jessica Kerbawy ( who uses crayons and heat to create color field textured paintings. Students recreated her work by carefully selecting a variety of colored crayons, all donated by other teachers, hot gluing them to card stock, and then using a heat gun and blow dryer to form the pool of melted colors underneath each crayon.

View all of these students’ abstract color field textured creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: February 19th 2016, Taught Rotation 2: December 24th 2015, Taught Rotation 1: September 20th 2015, Taught Rotation 3: February 23rd 2015, Taught Rotation 2: December 4th 2014, Taught Rotation 1: September 25th 2014, Taught Rotation 3: February 3rd 2014, Taught Rotation 3: January 17th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: September 19th 2011

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