Socktober SNS LogoHappy SOCKTOBER Westfield Families!

Wait, what is SOCKTOBER?!? Well if you didn’t know already, SOCKTOBER is a national sole warming movement that gives everyone an easy and fun way to help those in need through donating new socks!

So this SOCKTOBER, the Bloomingdale Character Count Coalition, with the help of Socks and Souls, wants to prove that even the smallest act of caring, like donating a pair of new socks, can help make a huge difference in the lives of the needy and homeless!

Therefore the Village of Bloomingdale has some awesome locations for hosting our own SOCKTOBER Sock Drive Collections all month long to celebrate Character Counts month! With that said, Westfield is one of the sock collection sites and we are holding a grade level competition to see which grade can warm the most souls through soles this SOCKTOBER! With that said, all anyone needs to do in order to participate in our SOCKTOBER Sock drive is a new pair of socks so please considering picking up any type of socks, plain white, funky knee highs, baby ankle socks, etc., from a local store near you!

Now if you are ready to get involved with SOCKTOBER, check out the SOCKTOBER site at (! For those who are on social media, we even have our own SOCKTOBER Sock Event page on Facebook ( so please considering joining, as well as sharing it with those you know! Check out our Instagram post at: (

If you have any questions, please let me know and I look forwarding to having you all help warm souls through soles this SOCKTOBER!

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