Shoe Art7th grade students learned about pop artist Michael Leavitt ( & ( so that they too could study the art of cardboard shoes.

Mike-Leavitt“Mike Leavitt is a singularly talented Seattle artist. He makes all kinds of art, from action figures to reproductions of iconic shoes. Mike has lovingly recreated them down to the exact detail. But there is one significant difference. Although you would never know it to look at the photo, these shoes are made with cardboard. Mike Leavitt is the inventor of the cardboard shoe… a bit of a trickster, and certainly curious.”(CBC Radio)

brianTo begin working like Michael, students first created a realistic sketch of their shoes, followed by a colored drawing (Take a ‘Step’ into their drawings on Artsonia:

Students then began the 3D creation portion of the project. Students watched this video to help them learn how to make cardboard shoes just like Micheal:  Conditioning cardboard was by far their favorite step!

Shoe displayStudents created their shoe sculptures using cardboard, hot glue, paper mache, twist paper and paint. First they traced the sole of their shoe onto cardboard to create a solid base, just like Micheal did. Then they examined the stitch lines in the fabric and cut pieces of cardboard to match those patterns. Once they had all their pieces, students began hot gluing from the sole up, leaving small details, like company logos, for last. After their shoes were assembled, students used homemade paper mache to sturdy up their cardboard creations. Once dried, students carefully painted their shoes and added twist paper for the shoe laces. Their awesome creations were then on view for all to see in our school library’s display cabinet!

View all of the students’ kicking creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: April 27th 2015, Rotation 3: March 10th 2015, Taught Rotation 2: December 16th 2014, Taught Rotation 1: August 26th 2014.


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