s6th Grade Students created stories to go along with their Scream Parody Paintings. Here are the steps they took to do so:

1. Create a Google Document in this Scream Stories folder and title your document “Scream Story” and have your name in the title too.

2.Next write a story that is fictional or nonfictional, about why you are screaming in your Scream Painting. Be creative!!!!

3. Copy this link www.artsonia.com/class/ to upload your story. Enter this Access Code when prompted to do so: CDMP-WRTP-TWCC

4. When you see your Scream Painting, click ‘Enter Statement’. Then approve it is you by clicking: ‘Yes that’s me’.

5. Lastly, enter in your story and press ‘Submit to Teacher’ when you are finished.

6. Your story will now appear on your Artsonia page under your Scream Painting Parody!

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