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pietmondrian“I really love making art and I think bringing beauty into the world is important, but in many ways I find art to be a selfish act,” Rothstein says. “So for this, it made sense to donate to the food bank to help people who couldn’t afford their own Thanksgiving meals to have one.”

Want to hang one of these on your dining room wall? Rothstein is selling 25 signed prints of each photo and donating 10 percent of the proceeds to the SF-Marin Food Bank. For more information, visit

Fall ColorsFall Colors Photo Puzzles Extra Credit Option! Click on the image below, follow the instructions on the image and then email Mrs. Matt ( your answers, or make a Google Doc and share it with Mrs. Matt, for a chance to earn some Fall Extra Credit!

Last week some Westfield students in Club Hype teamed up with a few DuJardin students and together they began painting the background to the Bloomingdale Character Counts mural using the colors of the 6 Pillars. This week Erickson students came to Westfield to finish the background and prep for the final mural drawings. All of the students involved in painting the mural were ones who made drawings for the Character Counts Mural contest last year.

Once finished, the Character Counts Mural will be hung at Springfield Park near Spring with a special mural revealing – stay tuned for more details to come!

VetOperation Support our Troops (OSOT) is in the process of putting together 3,000+ Christmas Stockings for the Troops at Santa’s Workshop which this year is located at the Lisle Park District.

These stockings are being targeted to our troops “In harm’s way.” Students involved in Club Hype at Westfield Middle School decided to help out by making non-breakable Christmas ornaments to be added to these stockings and shipped overseas! Bravo to Westfield students willing to help our military!

Bloomingdale School District is looking to send out creative Holiday Cards to local businesses and schools but they need your help! Dr. Bartelt, our Superintendent, would like a student to design the cover of the holiday card using a ‘Seasonal’ theme, i.e. images you could see during the month of December and January. Please keep in mind that people celebrate different holidays during the months of December and January so you do not want to limit your imagery to only one holiday; try to include images that appeal to everyone and be creative with what you choose! Moreover, how you decided to ‘color’ your design is up to you. You may use Markers, Colored Pencils, Pastels, Watercolors, Acrylic Paints, or any other creative material you wish to use. Remember to follow the art classroom ‘Rules’ which are Bold Colors, Black Outlines and No Unintentional White Space!

View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

To see the final winning entries from all of the District 13 schools, please click here

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Photo find NovemberClick on the thumbnail image of ‘Crazy Cornucopia’ Photo Find sheet to enlarge it, print it, follow the instructions on the image and then either bring it in, or scan or photograph your answers, and email them to Mrs. Matt ( your answers for a chance to earn some Extra Credit!