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Here is a list of various art websites for you to play around with. Please note that links often go bad or websites get taken down so if a link no longer works, please let me know by sending me an email at Dmatt@sd13.org – Thank you!
In Class Art Digital Lessons
South Park Characters: http://www.sp-studio.de/
Wee Characters: http://www.weeworld.com/
WildSelf Characters: http://www.buildyourwildself.com/
Other Websites to Create Art
Hero Characters: http://cpbherofactory.com
Dynamic Characters: http://doppelme.com/
Letter Photography: https://www.letter-photo.com
Parody Obama Posters: http://www.obama-me.com
Various Art Photo Tweakers: http://bighugelabs.com/ & http://www.dumpr.net
Create Famous Artist Replicas
Art Contests
Art of Duct Tape: http://www.scholastic.com/ducktapeart/
Heinz Ketchup Packets Contest: www.ketchupcreativity.com
Create a Pepper: http://morehope.chilis.com
Art Games
Find the Pineapple: http://www2.usanetwork.com/series/psych/games/findthepineapple/
Art History/Museums Sites
Art Terminology


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