Celebrate Creativity, Courage & Collaboration!

dotddCreativity is flowing around the globe! Today is Dot Day and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to over 1.8 million participants who are sharing the importance of self-expression and bravery in their classrooms, libraries, homes, and communities. Thank you to everyone making their mark and inspiring others to do the same!

Dot Day Extra Credit: Click the photo to print out the sheet, create a interesting dot on the frame and color in the background!



Here is a song to listen to while you do your extra credit: http://vimeo.com/104743082 or Download some Dot Day Bookmarks here: http://www.fablevisionlearning.com/pdfs/dotday_bookmarks.pdf or even check out the ‘International Dot Day’ Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/tjshay/international-dot-day/

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