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ToastWhat if famous painters had used a piece toast as their canvas, and food instead of paint?

Well, it might have looked something like ‘The Art Toast Project’ (

Norwegian Instagram food artist Ida Frosk designed ‘The Art Toast Project’ which is a series of famous paintings by well-known artists, created entirely out of edibles on slices of toast.

If you can identify least 5 of the famous works of art in ‘The Art Toast Project’ at by this upcoming Friday, you can earn yourself some extra credit in art!

Please send Mrs. Matt an email ( and you will earn 1 point of extra credit for each one you get correct! Make sure your email includes the Title of Original Work of Art and the Name of the Famous Artist who created it for each of the edible images you identified.

As always, continue to celebrate creativity and support the fine arts!

7th grade students studied artist Oliver Herring ( through the PBS Art 21 series in order to create their own magazine collages. Students used this Pinterest link for ideas:

View all of these students’ abstract bowl creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: January 28th 2015, Taught Rotation 2: October 29th 2014,Taught Rotation 1: September 10th 2014, Taught Rotation 5: April 24th 2012,Taught Rotation 4: March 8th 2012, Taught Rotation 3: January 25th 2012, Taught Rotation 2: October 25th 2011, Taught Rotation 1: September 20th 2011


8th grade students divided into groups of boys verses girls to see who would be better at trying to complete SmART Puzzles. The girls attempted Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and the boys attempted ‘s The Kiss.

SmART Puzzles are a clever spin on the jigsaw featuring overlapping cards that you have to angle just so to create a continuous image. Here’s how it works: smART Puzzles contains 200 3X3-inch cards printed with various sections of a well-known work of art. To add to the challenge, each side is printed with a different painting featuring similar color tones. Your job is to flip, rotate, and alternate which cards are on top to complete the puzzle. Along the way, you’ll build visual perception skills and hand-eye coordination, while gaining a greater appreciation for some of the world’s most beloved works of art.

To learn more about SmART Puzzles, visit:

Taught Rotation 2: January 10th 2014.

Students in E.A.T. have been collecting bottle caps all year in order to make an artsy mural. After sorting the variety of colored caps collected, they decided to create their their own Starry Night Mural for our library. Planned out over six large pieces of foam core board, students painted the mural in less than 1 hour.



Westfield Middle School is proud to announce Seventh Grade Westfield student Casey K. Darre is a 3rd place winner out of 80+ statewide submissions in the 2014 Illinois Arts Education Poster Contest.  

The Illinois Arts Education Week Poster Contest is sponsored in cooperation with the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education and the Illinois State Board of Education. This year’s theme was “Be Art Smart”. 

To see all of Westfield’s entries, visit this link: