6th grade students studied art Piet Mondrian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet_Mondrian) and his grid like works of art using primary colors plus black and white. Students modernized this project by selecting a theme to base their own Mondrain work of art off of and then used Google to search for imagery relating to their theme. Students then combined their photo in a gird like manner with the addition of black lines a midst primary color blocks.

View all of the students’ modernized creations on Artsonia at: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=563023

Taught Rotation 4: May 1st 2013,  Taught Rotation 3: February 25th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 11th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: October 2nd 2012

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