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In honor of this year being Bloomingdale’s 40th annual Septemberfest, Bloomingdale’s Septemberfest Commission held a Septemberfest Logo contest. Congratulations to 8th grader Alanna Buttitta for being selected as the 1st place winner.

View Alanna’s Submission on Artsonia at:

For more information about Bloomingdale’s Septemberfest, visit:

7th grade students used the Simpsons Movie website ( to create digital mini versions of themselves as Simpson Characters.

View all of the students’ Simpsonizied selves on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: April 30th 2013


Congratulations to 8th graders Alanna Buttitta  & Sameera Hussain as they have won 1st and 2nd place for their Asthma Awareness Poster Contest. These students will be recognized on the EPA Region 5 Website and the Greenversations Blog.  If you see Alanna or Sameera,please tell them Congratulations!

Poster Contest Website:

Artsonia Link to Submissions:

6th grade students studied various wire sculptors and then partnered up to create their own wire art. The subject of their work had to include one word, image and a frame!

View of the students artistic wire art on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: May 14th 2013, Taught Rotation 3: February 14th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 4th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: September 26th 2012.

7th grade students took a walking sculpture tour in Downtown Chicago, as well as a trip to the Art Institute to see the ‘Roy Lichtenstein:  A Retrospect’ Art Exhibit ( Students then studied Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein ( in order to create their own Ben Day Dot ( Pop Art Portrait.

View all of the students’ Ben Day Dot Portrait creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4:  May 17th 2013, Taught Rotation 3:  March 5th 2013, Taught Rotation 2:  October 29th 2012, Taught Rotation 1:  August 20th 2012



Congratulations to 8th grader Alanna Buttitta for being selected as the 1st place winner for the State of Illinois in the National Radon Art Poster!

Currently Alanna has won 1st place in Illinois and her poster now goes to the National level which will be voted on closer to Fall. For being the 1st Place winner in Illinois, she will receive an glass plaque and a gift card in the amount of $200. If you see Alanna, please tell her Congratulations!



On Friday, May 31st, the festivities for Skull Appreciation Day 2013 will begin! The Skull-A-Day team is heading to the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in Chicago, Illinois to meet up with Street Anatomy for the FaceOff Skull Art Exhibit. It’s going to be an amazing art show featuring skull artwork from selected artists around the world! SAD13poster

 The FaceOff Exhibit is a special type of art show where the artists used a provided template to create their skulls. The skulls were then vertically split in half digitally. Then two digital halves from two different artist were put together to form one skull. This gives the viewer a different perspective on artists’ visions of skulls.

 These FaceOff Skull creations will hang in the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in Chicago from May 31 till August 25, 2013. Westfield 8th graders will be visiting the art exhibit on Tuesday August 20th 2013 as a welcome back art & science field trip. 

Of course we don’t want to leave you all out as that wouldn’t be in the Skull-A-Day spirit; we want our fans to participate in the show! Considering such, create your own skull on the back of this sheet using the same exact template the other selected artists of the show used. Then your skull will be displayed at the art show as part of the Skull Exhibit on a screen during the show opening on Friday, May 31st. Sometime afterwards, they will be shown on Skull-A-Day website (

 To participate in the FaceOff Exhibit with your own skull, you need to download the following: Skull Appreciation Day 2013

On the Bottom of that paper, put your Name, Age, and the Town you live in. Then flip the paper over and Fill in the Skull template on the back of this sheet with whatever images you choose using markers, color pencils, paint, etc. Please make sure the general lines of the template are the same, i.e. do not go outside of the lines, as these lines will be used to pair your skull with another artist’s skull creation. Also, make sure the imagery is kid friendly and school appropriate! All Skulls are Due Friday May 24th 2013

6th grade students studied art Piet Mondrian ( and his grid like works of art using primary colors plus black and white. Students modernized this project by selecting a theme to base their own Mondrain work of art off of and then used Google to search for imagery relating to their theme. Students then combined their photo in a gird like manner with the addition of black lines a midst primary color blocks.

View all of the students’ modernized creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 4: May 1st 2013,  Taught Rotation 3: February 25th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: December 11th 2012, Taught Rotation 1: October 2nd 2012