Just like any economic sector, the arts industry needs policies and incentives to thrive. We need a statewide strategy to strengthen our artists and creative enterprises.

That’s why we at the Arts Alliance Illinois, have launched Make Art Work. At the core of this campaign are principles that lay the foundation for forward-leaning policies and incentives that will grow arts jobs, foster innovation in the workforce, and fortify our communities through the arts.

The nonprofit arts are a $2.75 billion industry in Illinois

Illinois’ arts and cultural organizations don’t just entertain, inspire, and educate. They also improve the Illinois economy. In 2010, arts organizations and their audiences pumped more than $2.75 billion into the Illinois economy. Virtually all of those dollars benefited local economies, workers, and entrepreneurs.

In Illinois nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences support 78,000 jobs

For the show to go on, arts organizations don’t just hire artistic directors, performers, and curators. They need sound technicians, electricians, costume designers, carpenters, and the many other skilled workers that bring productions to life. Not to mention the administrators and other support staff every organization employs to be successful.

Individuals working in the arts industry aren’t the only ones who benefit. From babysitters to parking garage owners, wait staff and chefs to neighborhood shopkeepers—all see revenues increase when a community offers cultural experiences.

Click here to urge your state representative and state senator to show their support for the arts by endorsing the Make Art Work principles. It only takes two minutes to take action for the Arts!

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