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As part of the 7th Grade color wheel tests, students discussed the primary and secondary colors need to create a rainbow and the order they needed to be in. Students then used food coloring, Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough and sprinkles to make edible rainbow sugar cookies. Some turned out like rainbow pinwheels and others like melted rainbows but tasted great none the less!

Taught Rotation 3: March 19th 2013, Taught Rotation 2: January 8th 2013

8th grade students participated in the Project EverGreen poster contest which was targeting students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Students had to  create a poster that exemplifies their artistic skills while describing what “green spaces” means to them. For more information on the project, visit:

View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 3: March 19th 2013, Taught Rotation 3: March 23rd 2012


“It’s important to recognize that students can’t get to be a legendary creative genius without having their creativity nurtured along the way…fostering creativity in learning is not just a nice notion, but an imperative.”  For more information, read the article at