7th grade students looked at various styles of bird houses to get a better understanding of what individuals are looking for when they want to get a bird house. Considering such, students then sketched out themes which were later transfered to their own wooden bird houses. Students added to color to their designs by first painting them a base coat of white followed by various shades of color using sharpies and markers.

View all of the students’ Creative Bird Houses creations on Artsonia at:  http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=414132

Taught Rotation 5: April 12th 2102, Taught Rotation 4: February 15th 2102, Taught Rotation 3: January 10th 2012, Taught Rotation 2: November 20th 2011, Taught Rotation 1: August 22nd 2011

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