Art as we know it today is a natural part of the human experience and overall learning. Subsequently, Westfield Middle Schools art program is one which seeks to instill a significant insight of the visual arts into all of its students throughout their tenure at our school. More importantly, the art program at Westfield Middle School adheres to the belief that students can find pleasure and fulfillment both as a maker and a perceiver of art. To achieve this, all students must know that art is thoughtfully created and must be able to arrive at plausible meanings and resolve ambiguities in works of art, inquire into the relationships among art, history, and cultures, investigate the origins and traditions of art, inquire about the nature and functions of the art world and art institutions, engage in philosophical inquiry about the connections between art and human experiences, use works of art to reflect on personal beliefs and consider cultural values and human needs, as well as create works of art with a sense of purpose while continually improving technical skill.

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