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8th grade students are learning what its like to only make the top half of a figure while the sculpt clay busts after individuals as well as animals. View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 1: August 31st 2010

7th Grade students became designers as they drafted up ideas for new innovative storefronts. View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 1: August 26th 2010

8th Grade students are currently taking advantage of recycled newspaper by creating self sculptures based on a similar work of art created by American artist Mark Jenkins ( View all of the students’ creations on Artsonia at:

Taught Rotation 1: August 19th 2010

Art as we know it today is a natural part of the human experience and overall learning. Subsequently, Westfield Middle Schools art program is one which seeks to instill a significant insight of the visual arts into all of its students throughout their tenure at our school. More importantly, the art program at Westfield Middle School adheres to the belief that students can find pleasure and fulfillment both as a maker and a perceiver of art. To achieve this, all students must know that art is thoughtfully created and must be able to arrive at plausible meanings and resolve ambiguities in works of art, inquire into the relationships among art, history, and cultures, investigate the origins and traditions of art, inquire about the nature and functions of the art world and art institutions, engage in philosophical inquiry about the connections between art and human experiences, use works of art to reflect on personal beliefs and consider cultural values and human needs, as well as create works of art with a sense of purpose while continually improving technical skill.

I am pleased to inform you of a unique and exciting addition to the art program at Westfield Middle School! The art department has teamed up with Artsonia ( to showcase all of its students’ artwork on Artsonia’s very own student based art website.

Artsonia is known to be the world’s largest online art museum with thousands of artwork by students in over 100 countries. As you can imagine, Artsonia has become quite a hit in many schools around the world and Westfield is very excited about the partnership we have created with this extraordinary site!

As the art teacher of Westfield Middle School, I believe that becoming a part of Artsonia will help boost overall student awareness, pride and self-esteem, as well as multi-cultural and technological understanding. Furthermore, this ongoing partnership will enable parents, relatives, friends and community members to view your child’s artwork online throughout your child’s education at Westfield. You can see some of Westfield’s very own student artwork by visiting our school’s gallery on Artsonia at!

I would also like to let you know that besides showcasing students’ artwork, Artsonia offers parents high quality gift items imprinted with your child’s own artwork. Amazingly, Westfield’s own arts program will also receive 15% of all the orders processed. Therefore, not only are these student related products excellent gifts for friends and family, but your order directly supports the arts program here at Westfield Middle School.

On that note, I encourage you and your family members to visit the Artsonia website so that you can enjoy all of its educational benefits!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email me at or even at the art classroom website. I appreciate all of your support and I look forward to working with your student throughout their educational career at Westfield!